The War of our (internal) World.

It’s hard to accept and make peace with the parts of ourselves that we find unacceptable – do you find that?

I’m talking about things like addiction, depression, anxiety, physical and mental illness.

But find a way we must, otherwise, we are doomed to perpetual war with our internal world. Sod that for a lark!

Fortunately, the ancient teachings of mindfulness give us specific techniques as to how we can do this and find good enough, (note: not perfect) acceptance and love towards our dodgy inner-selves.

Ta ta for now xx

A Very Brave Heart Indeed.

Like the Celtic Hero Braveheart – I (and you perhaps), survived much of our earlier lives, for very fact, we did not surrender.

However, external battles are one thing, but what about the interior life that feels, well unacceptable? We cannot simply ‘be with it’, we cannot ‘let it go’ – because it’s too bloody painful! I’m talking about untenable depression, anxiety, physical and emotional pain.

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How To Mindfully Panic!

I had my first panic attack just after my Dad died; I was 22. Until that point, I had never consciously been aware of being fearful. Actually, it wasn’t fear, more like blind terror. In the end, I became fearful of the fear itself.

Childhood trauma sets us up for life with a highly reactive holy shite-house sympathetic nervous system. We are more prone to extreme fear based reactions – why wouldn’t we be?

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Background Noise.

It’s like lift music – only worse. This background buzz of fear-inducing news and noise that creates a feeling of uncertainty and low level fear in many, if not most of us (unless ‘one is so damn rich, one may just bugger orf to the Bahamas’ if it all turns to turd). Okay, you got me, I’ve been consumed with watching Les Miserables on the beeb! Come the revolution!

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