One to One Mindfulness Training and Coaching

The Mindfulness training and coaching is ideal for busy people or anyone who prefers a one-to-one experience rather than learning in a group. The programme is based on my professional teacher training with world-leading mindfulness teacher Tara Brach, and MBSR/ MBCT programmes at Bangor and Oxford Universities and Breathworks.

The great advantage of working one-to-one is that we can focus on specific needs in your experience, such as feeling stressed, anxious*, depressed* or perhaps you may be in physical and emotional pain, or have a chronic illness.

Many people I work with are caught up in a state of perpetual doing and thinking, so we look at mindfulness through the lens of learning how to ‘undo’. Others can have the experience of depression where their energy is so low they find it hard to do anything – in Buddhism speak this is known as a sloth and torpor state. We’ve all been there; semi-foetal, puddle of drool, can’t peel yourself off the sofa. In this case, an approach that includes gentle mindful movement, walking in the fresh air for example, is a good place to start.

However, it’s important to add that many of us will swing from one state to the other, so in mindfulness we learn how to hold whatever particular state is visiting, recognising always that everything passes; and then the next weather system arrives.

Working together, we will find a practice and routine that really supports you and works well within the parameters of your normal day-to- day life. We are looking for this to be enjoyable, a refuge and a welcome relief, not bludgeon ourselves into enlightenment!

I offer three different training packages that incorporate all the main elements of mindful living and will give you the foundations of a highly skilled practice.

Part One:

  • Understanding the key principles of mindfulness
  • The neuroscience
  • Resourcing
  • Anchoring
  • Pacing to match inner state
  • Labelling
  • The RAIN technique (Recognise, Allow, Investigate and Nourish)
  • The CBT element of MBCT
  • The power of inquiry
  • Discovering a daily routine

Part Two

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mindful communication
  • Cultivating balance
  • Belonging: finding ways to feel a sense of connection

Part Three:

  • Life purpose, what are you here to do!?
  • Principle of Kintsugi – building something beautiful out of what is left
  • Being in service to others

Parts One and Two are completed during a four-week period via online, Skype or Facetime. Part three can be added separately and is well worth doing for those who have experienced the liberating ‘okayness in your own skin’ that comes from practising mindfulness, and then get all excited and want to go on and make some changes in their lives and create something really rather beautiful, using the philosophy of Kintsugi and that cracked little pot, that is us all!

The number of sessions can be tailored to best suit your needs. Drop me a line so we can arrange a preliminary no obligation chat.

* Some conditions like severe depression, anxiety or other challenging mental health conditions are better suited to mindfulness training with a clinical practitioner. These services can usually be accessed through your GP.

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