Sleepless? How Mindfulness can help.


Sorry – I’ve been ‘missing in action’ for a few weeks. If you were wondering where I’ve been, look up. I’ve been hanging upside down from the ceiling for three weeks like a freakin’ bat. God I hate insomnia – it’s the worst of the worst – I feel rancid with tiredness – know the feeling?

Anyway – we know the drill yes? Through the lens of mindfulness, we can apply the acronym of RAIN –

R – recognise and name what is happening – I can’t bloody sleep.
A – accept – ask, can I accept this? No I bloody can’t. Ok, can I accept I can’t accept this? Okay – maybe that.
I – investigate. What am I believing to true? I won’t cope tomorrow perhaps? Is that actually true? Am I willing to believe I might be wrong? Perhaps I can plan a body scan midday – that will make a huge difference
N – nourish – we come out of thought and focus on the felt sensation in the body. We can call on presence to help us hold our discomfort and agitation. A great technique is to focus our attention on the feet (far away from the head as possible). Wiggle the toes – feel the sensation of the sheets against the feet. Be kind or even pretend to be kind. Thought will return. Never mind – gently return to the breath and the feet.

If we keep doing this, there’s a good chance we’ll get to sleep. Failing that, try a talk by Eckhart Tolle or your favourite spiritual teacher – something soothing.

As for me, I’ve got a lot going on. Some real anxiety-inducing circumstances. But it will pass and it will be okay. I know that by now.
Plus I’m The Mindful Delinquent and not actually, you know, perfect – I can scupper myself when under stress by doing dumb stuff like scoffing too much sugar/chocolate. All I need to do is cut that out.

Anyway, I’m hoping my inner batty bat will be able to come down off the ceiling soon. If not, see you up there.
Sweet dreams! Lyn xxx