Mindful Conferences and Events

Let’s face it, business conferences and events can be somewhat trying affairs. Everyone’s got their ‘work mask’ on, trying to look good and not make a total arse of themselves. The rooms are either too stuffy or too cold. Coffee too weak or too strong. Porridge too stodgy or too thin. We all have our ‘Inner Goldilocks’ when it comes to being away from home and in a different environment. By day two, nearly all your workmates are either bloated, constipated or severely dehydrated; no wonder everyone can get a bit tired and tetchy!

So why not let your employees actually experience how a little bit of mindfulness can make all the difference to even their grimmest of days! Regular short guided mindful breaks (with some solid teaching subversively inserted) will make a positive difference and maybe even reduce the dreaded ‘gruesome conference hangover’ syndrome.

If you would like to chat about adding a little Mindful Delinquency to your next business convention or event please do drop me a line or give me a call and we can discuss your needs.

Mindful in the Workplace

Okay, it’s true Mindfulness won’t grow back a limb, but If you haven’t heard already, the scientific jury is absolutely in regarding the benefit of mindfulness practice. Many companies, led by the likes of Google are including mindfulness training into their well-being programmes and most importantly, allowing mindfulness to be practised openly in the workplace, without fear of being judged as a ‘bit of a skiver’. It’s a cultural change and the benefits to your people’s wellbeing really cannot be overstated.

Mindfulness in the workplace is a relatively new area of mindfulness application and research. Nevertheless, initial studies have documented the beneficial effects of mindfulness training on conditions related to work stress. It has been shown that mindfulness training:

  • Decreases perceived stress, improves sleep quality, and the heart rhythm coherence ratio of heart rate variability (index of emotion regulation) in employees (Wolever et al., 2012);
  • Reduces perceived stress and increases mindfulness in working adults (Klatt et al., 2009);
  • Improves multitasking-related problems – HR staff showed better memory for tasks, more concentration on a task and less switching between tasks (Levy et al., 2011).

Bangor University Mindfulness Research Department article.

At the Breathworks Head Office in Manchester all the staff stop at 12.30pm, the phones go on silent and they take a 20-minute body scan break, mostly lying on the floor. Breathworks founder Vidyamala Burch told me that taking this short break creates two full days’ worth of energy in one. I do this myself every day; it’s bliss and she’s right.

It’s no good preaching about well-being, if the work environment is depleting and doesn’t allow space and time for self care. Mindfulness is like fresh air – we don’t need a lot to make a big difference and very importantly it doesn’t have to be practised in a perfect environment. Honestly, add a pair of earplugs, a lavender eye pad and under the desk will do nicely! Go on I dare you, just think of it like charging up your mobile!

If you would like to bring a little mindful delinquency to your business with a highly skilled mindfulness coach and teacher, please do drop me a line or give me a call and we can chat.

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