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for the over busy, chronically stressed, depressed, heartbroken, sad, angst-ridden, flea-bitten, oh so bone weary, borderline bitter, bashed up and the simply plain knackered ……

Does Mindfulness really have to be such hard work?

No it’s doesn’t! Practising mindfulness or any meditation come to that, can be challenging enough without striving for perfection or bludgeoning ourselves into enlightenment before breakfast. We are trying to ease our suffering, not add to it.

Mindfulness is essentially observing what is happening inside (and really, who wants to go in there!?) and holding our experience with so much love, kindness and compassion, it transforms our relationship to what is happening. It’s that powerful.

This is why it’s so worth persevering. Eventually we get to be not so bothered by the internal shit storm that is our collective human experience. What a freedom!

We can take it easy and with skillful, rather than ‘perfect’ practise, we realise that good enough is actually …… well, good enough. We notice that something is happening. We get more okay in our own skin and most importantly, we get okay when we are not okay.

Nope, mindfulness is not easy, especially when we are stressed, depressed, anxious or in physical and emotional pain. So why not be radically kind and cut ourselves some slack? There is no need for perfection and actually, it’s okay to do it, just a little bit badly! Do it like a Delinquent!

The Mindful Delinquent - The Mindful Delinquent