Mindfulness and World Peace – really?

So, what has mindfulness got to do with doing our bit for a more peaceful world? Well, more than you might think actually.

As well as getting more okay in our skins and crucially, okay when we are not okay; mindfulness invites us to examine ourselves more deeply, in other words we have the opportunity develop some emotional intelligence.

In these current tumultuous times of ‘react first, worry about out the facts later’, I would like to propose this is vitally important if we are to avoid the catastrophes of the past.

It’s very easy, when we are not aware of the internal forces that drive us, to blame others for being ‘bad’. This can be subtle and happens on an individual level with family, friends and work colleagues. But it is also happening in wider society with deeply dark and dangerous consequences. Read More “J’Accuse!”

What’s wrong with us?

Half Woman – Half Lizard!

So why, when it’s not actually Armageddon and things are not that terrible, can we feel so dissatisfied, ill at ease, agitated or worse?

We mustn’t be too hard on ourselves – we have a hard wired evolutionary bias to focus on ‘what’s wrong’. For our future protection, bad experiences stay with us, the brain structure remembers. Pleasant experiences and positive mind states like optimism, gratitude and equilibrium are just not that useful in evolutionary terms.

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Why is it so hard to sit still and just do nothing?

Does the thought of sitting still … give you the heebie jeebies?

Forget about meditating – do you find it almost impossible to sit still and do nothing? And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. No distractions; no phone, no tablet, no book, no TV, no radio, no music, no food, no drink. Zero, zilch, nada … Nothing. That’s right, absolutely jack.

Well, you are not alone. Many of us are so busy and hyped up these days that our ‘nervous systems’ are in a constant state of arousal. Crikey – no wonder we’re exhausted.

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Who are these strange little Mindful Delinquents!

Fancy being a Mindful Delinquent?

First and foremost, Mindful Delinquents know they are not perfect. Neither do they want to be … anymore. They don’t practice mindfulness perfectly. They don’t get up at 5 am and sit bolt upright for an hour. They’re a bit lazy and like a lie in. Neither do they meditate sitting by a lake or up a Himalayan Mountain; they don’t live there. They like a good espresso and the smell of diesel too much.

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