Background Noise.

It’s like lift music – only worse. This background buzz of fear-inducing news and noise that creates a feeling of uncertainty and low level fear in many, if not most of us (unless ‘one is so damn rich, one may just bugger orf to the Bahamas’ if it all turns to turd). Okay, you got me, I’ve been consumed with watching Les Miserables on the beeb! Come the revolution!

So what to do? Well, we can do our best to ‘Make like a Mallard’ – those lucky slippery suckers live in the moment the whole time – unlike us. They are not consumed with thoughts of the future or the past.
Most of us experience life through the filter of ‘thought’ – a non-ending, mostly negative narrative of ‘one thing after the bleedin’ other’ – as the Buddha said. Okay, he didn’t put it quite like that – but that’s the gist. It’s called proliferation of thought.
By focusing our attention into the body – the breath or a body part of our choosing (like the feet, hands or beak) – we immediately arrive in the present moment. This is where the body lives – Right here, Right now.
So we can do our best to ‘make like a mallard’ as the more we can come ‘out of our heads’ and ‘into the body’, the easier it is to keep anxiety at a manageable level. I think ‘mindful being’ as we go about our daily life is the most powerful aspect of mindfulness practise and it takes little effort – it’s not another ’thing’ to do like meditation – just a way to be.

Quack quack and ta ta for now – Lyn x