What affects one, affects all.

In a week when further evidence has come to light that our current governance continues to take a massive metaphoric piss on the poor and most vulnerable in our society – ‘one’ has to ask ‘what the fck’?!

Okay, I know I can get a bit bitter and twisted about the born-to-rule-top-hatted-over-privileged twits/don’t give a toss brigade that rule our nation.  So I’m gonna try not to do this and speak to the situation, as it relates to mindfulness and our collective human experience.

Plus – I gotta remember not to ‘other-ise’ a whole social group. Add to the violence and all that.  But the one in the top hat is a twat – that’s all I’m saying.

So –

The ancient teachings of Buddhism talk of the interconnectedness of all beings.

So, even if you are economically okay at the moment, it’s just not possible that you won’t be affected by the poverty induced pain and trauma that surrounds us all.  Just pop out to Tescos now and see how many street sleepers you have to walk past to pick up your tea-bags.

We are one individual and collective human body.  What affects one, affects all.

Imagine your pinky toe. If the blood supply (energy and nutrition) does not reach, this little critter will –

a.  react to the neglect and become sick.

c.  alert you by getting inflamed/infected.

d.  if there is no action, the ‘dis-ease’ will spread. It becomes malignant and ultimately the overall system dies – nighty night lights out.

Check out lecture by Tom Rippin from the Marshall Institute – London School of Economics (Youtube link below).  He describes Pinky Toe Theory and speaks to the premise that our current economic model is sick and unsustainable – because it goes against the laws of nature.  Energy/nutrition must be distributed to all parts of the organism – otherwise the overall system will eventually die.

‘Our Western economic model is ill. The prognosis does not look good and the economic medicines we are taking are past their sell-by date. The solution doesn’t lie in ever-bigger sticking plasters or faster-acting painkillers. Addressing the root causes of our economic health crisis is going to require a change of perspective – a different lifestyle. Seeing organisations as natural systems offers us all a seed of inspiration from which to grow a different approach and a healthy economy.’

I’m Alright Jack Pull the Ladder Up economic and social systems do not work.

We affected by the suffering of others – we can’t not be – it’s the natural law.